Thing to do: Green Routes I: Casa de Campo

September is here… this means a new beginning. Try to take it with positive energy… we know is hard but enjoy a new beginning!!!

As part of being back to the normal activities (school, college, work, back to the city…), take some time to think about some good purposes for this year as practice some sport or be more active in general… in order to give you some ideas about this, we shall start a set of posts about green routes (green belts)  for a nice walk or perfect path for biking.

Metro de Madrid is also supporting this idea and you shall find some panels and information regarding them and access via metro to all of them (6 in total).


Today´s thing to do is go for a walk or bike along the green route Casa de Campo:

  • You can start/finish at the Metro Station Casa de Campo (it is very easy to access to this route).
  • Total distance of the route: 15,5KM – 3h walking
  • Medium difficulty due to the different type of roads you can find
  • Walk to Casa de Campo and enjoy outdoors!! Casa de Campo is the second biggest forest of Madrid (Pardo is the biggest one). During the time of Felipe II is the first time there are news about Casa de Campo and Carlos III requested to fence the place and also requested to Sabatini to build the bridge of the snake (don´t miss this bridge in your walk is 400 meters close to the Metro station,
  • Main milestones:  Zarzón´s door: kilometer 2,1 → Rodajos´door: kilometer 3 → Somosaguas´ door: kilometer 4 → Portillo de los Pinos: kilometer 5 → Cerro de la Covatilla: kilometer 6,5 → Antequina´ stream: kilometer 8 → French´s bridge: kilometer 9 → Zoo: kilometer 14,5 → Casa de Campo Metro: End – Kilometer 15,5

Check the information that metro de Madrid prepared about this route and enjoy !!


Thing to do: Madrid Rio Playa (Beach) :)

Madrid Rio is always a great thing to do on Sundays, Mondays or anytime, we already told you about it several times. Today´s thing to do is regarding the Beach at Madrid Rio, a fun spot to expend the rest of the summer if you don´t know it yet!!


That´s why you can see kids and not kids in swimming suit in the park!! During summer time you have the whole water circuit working in winter you have less functionality active.

This beach was designed as part of an initiave where kids and teenagers submited several ideas in 2005, treee stages with three types of water supply makes different fun effects that all public can enjoy!!

Don´t forget the swiming suit!! :) enjoy!

Thing to do: Brunch on Saturdays at Reina Sofia Museum Terrace

Yes, brunch on Saturday… not only Sundays are perfect for a brunch in Madrid. Reina Sofía Museum Terrace is open for brunch on Saturdays from 12:30h  till 16:30h (late brunch people is also welcome :) )


reina sofia

Amazing terrace, great food, music and new surprises every week!

The place has a kids Zone with special activities for them in case the parents want to have a break :)

This year, Le Pain Quotidien is in charged of the catering, don´t miss their brunch specials at the terrace!



Thing to do: Swan Lake Ballet at Sabatini Garden

Swan Lake is an amazing ballet piece composed by Tchaikovky in 1875-1876.

This summer you have a great opportunity to see the Moscow Ballet performing in an idyllic scenario: the Sabatini´s garden as part of the program of Veranos de la Villa today and tomorrow.

Swan Lake is one of the most performed ballets and the Moscow Ballet an incredible company… Madrid, the perfect place!!


Entrance between 25-60 euros get your tickets at the official website


Enjoy the story of Odette and the great performance with live orchestra  in this latest summer night!


Thing to do: Bull run in San Sebastian de los Reyes

San Sebastian de los Reyes (Sanse) is a municipality in Madrid, 20 km north of Madrid pretty close to Alcobendas (they are divided by a street). This place is very well know for the Festivity of the Cristo de los Remedios, when they celebrate a week of festival and activities where it is included their bull run.


If you were not able to enjoy San Fermin in July, catch the second most famous bull run in Spain in San Sebastian de los Reyes known as the ‘Pamplona chica’ (Little Pamplona).

On March 23th of 1525 a provision of Emperor Charles V urged the Archbishop of Toledo to return to the residents of San Sebastian de los Reyes what was charged in his parties, including those relating to “run bulls.” Only 33 years have passed since the founding of the municipality through the intercession of the Catholic Monarchs and there are documents associated the parties with the fact of “running bulls” in Sanse´s streets. Every day of this week at 8 o´clock you can see this bull run and the shows later in the Plaza de Toros.

A long historical and colorful event, which involves risk and expertise (we don´t recomend you to run unless y you´ve done it before and you are in perfect phisical conditions), today it is one of the most important fair in Spain, declared of National Tourist Interest.

You also have other things to do in Sanse this week like concerts, kids activities, fun fair, handmade street shops… you have all the details here

You can get to San Sebastian de los Reyes by car (A1), by bus from Plaza de Castilla, by train or by metro.

Enjoy this week of festival until Sunday!!

Thing to do: Noches del olivar

This place is a surprise in the middle of the city, good opportunity to meet the Castillejo Olive grove :)

Olive grove´s nights (Noches del Olivar) is a fantastic initiative to promote chamber concerts in summertime in Madrid. Because of its intimate nature, chamber music has been described as “the music of friends”, classical music composed for a small group of instruments to be enjoyed in great company, this is what our today´s thing to do is about.


The Olive grove´s foundation is the hosting at the olive grove this set of concerts, cinema and theater during all summer time, from Tuesdays till Saturdays until September 20th. The general entrance is 6 euros and you can check their website for mode details about the place and the agenda. Regarding concerts:

  • Today: Violin
  • 28th Violoncello and piano
  • 29th: Violoncello and piano
  • 30th: Piano


Thing to do: Neon walk :)

Today´s thing to do it is a walk at night… a very special one, looking at some of the most popular neon signs of the city around Gran Via/Callao and Sol area!

  • Schweppes: one of the most popular neon signs in Madrid is the Schweppes one in Gran Via/Callao on top of the Vincci Hotel. It has been there since 1969. The sign appeared in the film “El día de la Bestia” (Alex de la Iglesia) and after this it is even more popular. Don´t miss the 104 neon tubes at night!!
  • Tio Pepe:  Don´t miss this historical sign at Puerta del Sol, we review part of the history behind the sign in a March´s post
  • Callao Cinema signs – The first film (spoken and with sound) showed in this cinema was in 1929. The building was used to show next and current films cartel painted by hand until some years ago… now a big screen shows impacting images and advertising clips to the plaza de Callao
  • Cine Capitol – This cinema opened its doors in 1933 and its neon sign was very modern at that time, it was a kind of symbol of the progress and a symbol to the US cinema too


We shall have a second part of this special thing to do… but if you can recommend any other neon sign, it is more than welcome! :) @365ThingsMadrid