Thing to do: Bookshops day! @LibreriasCEGAL

Today, as the last 3 years, Madrid, well Spain, is celebrating the bookshops´day with a big party!

The purpose is also remind that a bookshop is a great place to take advice and recommendations in order to get our next book, there aren´t two identical people as there are not two identical bookshops…. in Madrid we have some amazing ones, find the one that better fit what you like!

_dia lib

Today don´t miss any of the activities in Madrid, check all of them at the official website: Story telling, workshops, presentations, performances and tones of surprises!!

Happy bookshops day!!


Thing to do: Atocha – Tropical garden

Madrid Atocha is the largest railway station in Madrid. At this site, The original station (Estación del Mediodía) dates to 1851, and it was rebuilt in 1892 after a fire.

As part of a large infrastructure project, the Atocha Station was expanded in 1985 with a new structure designed by Rafael Moneo.

The train tracks were moved from the original structure to the new terminal while the ‘old’ Atocha Station was completely renovated and turned into a large rest area featuring a tropical garden, shops and eateries. Another part of the project replaced the bridges on the square in front of the station – the Plaza del Emperador Carlos V – by tunnels. As a result the passers-by can now enjoy an open view of the beautiful train station.


Over 7,000 plants live inside the station, and many of them are palm trees. Beneath the massive 157 meter-long glass and steel roof are 7,200 tropical and subtropical plants from 260 species across Australia, India and elsewhere in Asia.

One end of the garden is a swamp where Malabar chestnut trees thrives in the murky waters. The other end hosts the popular turtle pond that is home to 22 species of fish and turtles, which attracts tourists and commuters alike: Dozens of turtles of all sizes can be seen swimming around, sunning themselves on rocks, and playing in the water. Large goldfish also live in the pond, and are protected by the station’s caretakers.
After wandering through the gardens, visitors can experience a birds-eye view while enjoying a light lunch at the station’s restaurants.

Atocha tropical garden is a great spot in Madrid you can enjoy whatever the weather outside, the temperature and humidity are truly Caribbean 365 days a year.

Where: Atocha Station

When: Always

Free entrance


Thing to do: Madrid Beer Week – @CerveceraIndep

This is the week! the week to enjoy beer (in a responsible way :))


A week to participate in workshops, taste events, presentations and more around beers, more than 30 bars, and spaces also participate with  activities and great deals, so don´t miss the opportunity of sharing a beer with family and friends.

Find all the details at the official website


Thing to do: craftsMAD – @ComunidadMadrid

Today´s thing to do is a very special one :D a 2.0 thing to do, don´t miss the II edition of Crafts MAD. This virtual trade has the goal of provide recognition to the hand made artists taking advantage of the visibility and scope that the new technologies provide pioneering initiative that emerged in 2013 under the program ” Craft is More “. With this Virtual Craft Fair regional handcrafts want to be known worldwide . Constituting a tool of interest for the artisans themselves teach their techniques, the peculiarity of its products, the quality of its processes.


You have the rest of November to participate and know more about this initiative. Take the opportunity to connect online with craftsmen of different trades as enameler , jeweler, goldsmith, bronze artists or ceramics, among others, of the Madrid Craft.

Find all the details at the amazing official website.

Just to show some of the participants, have a look to this list:

Don´t miss the opportunity to support local handmade activities, enjoy!


Thing to do: Coffee time IV – @SalBachiller

Monday again!!! :) yes! and time for a break with our thing to do!! coffee time!

Salvador Bachiller is a Spanish brand that from 1978  sales in Spain bags, travel bags, shoes and all kind of things made in leather. In Madrid they have several shops, but today´s thing to do is discover the new initiative of Salvador Bachiller:  visit their shop in Montera and enjoy their tea room at the 3rd floor of the shop and their secret garden in the top floor: amazing place to have a drink or eat something full of details that you will love: the secret way to present the menu, how the staff is dressed, all the vintage style and the combination with yummy drinks, food and dessert!



For us was a positive surprise to visit this shops and finish having a tea. Now not a lot of people knows about it but sure it shall be a very popular place. The garden is perfect for summer time… but now the tea room with the chimney is perfect with cold weather!!


Thing to do: El rastro

Going for a walk to see “el Rastro” can be a good free plan for a Sunday morning.


It is located along Plaza de Cascorro and Ribera de Curtidores, between Calle Embajadores and the Ronda de Toledo just south of La Latina metro station. So after the walk you can also expend some time having some drinks and food in La latina (that is a very popular place to expend Sundays morning/afternoons too)

You´ll be able to find a great variety of things, new and used, some of them very weird (if you are looking for something difficult to find or you enjoy second hand products, el Rastro is your place). Certain streets or areas in El Ratro are associated with particular wares as:

  • Calle Fray Ceferino Gonzales is known as “calle de los Pájaros” (‘street of the birds’) as it was where peddlars and travelling sellers would sell domestic animals and birds and associated paraphernalia.
  • Calle San Cayetano is also known as “calle de los Pintores” (‘street of the Painters’), as its permanent stalls sell paintings and drawings and art supplies.
  • Stalls around calle Rodas and the Plaza de General Vara del Rey (formerly Plaza de Antonio Zozaya) and Plaza de Campillo del Mundo Nuevo specialise in buying and selling magazines, trading cards and stamps. A frequent sight in this area is young children swapping and trading with each other.
  • Calle Carnero and calle Carlos Arniches are where bouquinistas sell old, rare and collectible books.
  • The Plaza de Cascorro specialises in selling funky clothing and accessories.
  • Calle Mira el Sol is for the movie buffs .

Be careful with your wallet, and enjoy the walk!!

- when – every Sunday Morning and public holidays from 9 am to 3 pm
where – Plaza de Cascorro

Free entrance


Thing to do: @Teatro_Real great exhibit and more!

Teatro Real is one of the main opera houses in the world, showcasing the talents of some of the most brilliant opera singers in the world.

The Teatro Real was constructed in 1830, after King Fernando VII ordered the reconstruction of Plaza de Oriente in order to provide Madrid with an opera house to rival those already seen in other European countries. The project was first given to the architect Antonio López Aguado, and after his death responsibility for the building was handed to Custodio Teodoro Moreno and Francisco Cabezuelo. Finally, on 19 November 1850, the theatre opened its doors with the opera La favorita by Geatano Donizetti.

Check out what´s going on at the official website.

Thing weekend don´t miss the opportunity of visiting the free exhibit with several objects, dresses, wigs… that the theater shall be selling in December, a great opportunity of having a look to these unique pieces!!


Other thing to do related with the Teatro real are guided tours: The general tour is based on the artistic aspects of creating an opera. This includes rehearsals (for individuals and groups), the roles of different the wardrobe and set design departments (both before and during the performance), how the entrance to the stage is designed, the role of the stage manager, what the dressing rooms are like inside, etc. Extra information will be provided on the production currently showing (costumes, performers, etc.) and on the next production, including a visit to the staging room.

Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday, at 9.30am and 9.45am (there are only 2 artistic tours per day)
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes


where – Plaza de Oriente.