Thing to do: Learning how to dance Flamenco @LekaLekaBar

September/October are months to start activities… if you are interested in learning how to dance Flamenco, this thing to do is perfect for you! :D nothing better to start the month!!


Leka Leka is more than a bar, it is a space to find good music, drinks and a great space for food lovers too! behond this, leka leka also offers classes as Flamenco ones to learn more and enjoy living in Spain!

If  you have no idea… or have issues with the Spanish, no problem, they offer classes for begginners in English! maybe you are the next great Flamenco dancer! :D or maybe not… but just enjoy while your are practising!

you can pay per class (12 euros) or monthly, if you are interested send they an email (

>> Where: Leka Leka – La Latina  – San Bruno 3

>> When: Classes on Wednesdays – 19.30-20.30h



Thing to do: Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are more than fashion, in places where there is lack of space, this ideas bring a fresh, nature and magic enviroment using existing vertical walls.


Each vertical garden is given a unique design and selection of species and in Madrid there is a couple we encourage you to visit:

  • Caixa Forum Wall at Paseo del Prado 36, it was the first vertical garden in Spain, it was designed by Patrick Blanc the creator of this tecnique
  • Torre de Cristal – vertical garden at 250 meters, it is a green space on top of the tower
  • Hotel Mercure at plaza de Santo Domingo is the biggest vertical garden in Europe, it is like an oasis in the city! It has also a waterfall and the way the color is used shall surprise you!

Just go for a walk and visit these amazing spaces!!

And if you are interested, have a look, maybe you can have a look and try at home :)


Thing to do: @playmobil 40th anniversary

For sure you all now Playmobil… but probably what you don´t now that this year the brand celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Playmobil was invented by German inventor Hans Beck when the owner of the company, Horst Brandstätter, asked him to develop toy figures for children. He spent three years from 1971 to 1974 developing what became Playmobil.The toy he came up with, at 7.5 cm tall, fit in a child’s hand and its facial design was based on children’s drawings – a large head, a big smile, and no nose. In 1974, the company put the first sets of knights, Native Americans, and construction workers on show in its display rooms. Initial visitors were reluctant to accept the toy. Nevertheless, the toy was shown at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, which was taking place that same year. A Dutch firm agreed to buy a whole year’s production. By the end of the year, geobra Brandstätter had achieved sales of 3 million Deutschmarks with Playmobil – one-sixth of the company’s total sales. Playmobil began to be sold worldwide in 1975, and has remained a popular toy ever since.

How many times you´ve been playing with this tiny toys? which one is your favorite!? we love the farm!! :D


Behind the campaign #sharethesmile, Madrid and many other cities celebrated its anniversary on September 13th in a very magic way.

Check playmobil anniversary website to know more about the brand and this historical moment.


Thing to do: French Cuisine Festival!! :) @ES_France_info

It is always a pleasure to know more about a country through its gastronomy :D Today thing to do is related to yummy food, French yummy food!!

These days until October 5th, Madrid is celebrating the French Cuisine Festival, days to enjoy French cuisine and know more about it! in fact it is a country-wide celebration so if you are not in Madrid, try to find more about it at your location to join the Fête de la Gastronomie.



In honor of this delicious festival, chefs and restaurants will create special menus for the public to taste and also there are lot of special events about French Cuisine scheduled. Two main ways to enjoy:

  • Cultural activities: master classes, workshops, speakers, cinema series… find all the activities here
  • Practical experience :) just try the special menus at the french restaurant and coffee shops that participate in this festival:

Find all the details at the official website

Bon appétit!! Enjoy the wonders of French gastronomy!!


Thing to do: A New York Fairy Tale

Saturday´s Thing to do in Madrid with kids :) this thing to do is the perfect combination: English + Classic Fairy Tale + Theater + Designed for kids: Music, magic and imagination


The scenario of the play is New York in 1929 during the financial crack, and it is about 2 men that exchange their lifes, one is a poor man and another is a rich one, it is inspired in Mark Twain´s history: “The Prince and the Pauper”.

The play is represented in English and it is recommended for kids older than 7.


Entrances from 12 euros



Thing to do: MalaKids weekend – @malakids_es

Second time this year we can enjoy MalaKids, the biggest Urban Family Festival to enjoy with your kids. Music, Magic, shows, dance classes, workshops, video games, art, theater, and all kind of activities plan for kids at Malasaña and Conde Duque!!

Kids invade Malasaaañaaaa!! :D


Find all the information at their website.

Today program:

  • @ 7:30 pm8:30 pm -Theater: Chaly and Charla adventures – 4 euros
  • @ 7:00 pm8:00 pm – Dance Class – Salsa and Bachata for kids – 2 euros
  • @ 7:00 pm8:00 pm – workshop: create key-rings with cork – 3 euros
  • @ 6:30 pm7:30 pm – workshop: creative painting – free activity
  • @ 6:30 pm7:30 pm – Magic  Felix and his little assistants- free activity
  • @ 6:30 pm8:00 pm – Workshop: video games creation – 15 euros
  • and more!

Today, tomorrow and Sunday… No excuses for a family weekend full of fun!


Thing to do: Jazz Eñe

Thursday, almost done!! Lets put some musical thing to do to start preparing the weekend :D

September 25th, 26th and 27th at Sala Berlanga you can enjoy Jazz Eñe Festival: 3 days, two different 45-minute jazz concerts just for 5 euros! great opportunity to enjoy new jazz musicians and also consolidated jazz bands!


Just as a reminder:

  • Today: don´t miss Antonio ‘Mahalo’ Serrano with Albert Sanz and the Marco Mezquida Trio at 7pm and Chano Domínguez and Niño Josele (aka Chano & Josele) at 10pm.
  • On the 26th – Sindicato Ornette and Irene ‘Charbagh’ Aranda at 7pm and Jorge ‘Huellas’ Pardo and Guillermo McGill Cuarteto Sur at 10pm
  • Last day, 27th Antonio Lizana Group and Pepe Rivero at 7pm, and ¡ZAS! Trío Marcelo Peralta, Baldo Martínez, Carlos ‘Sir Charles’ González and Pablo M. Caminero at 10pm

It is always a pleasure to have a Jazz Festival… join the concerts and have a great time!


Enjoy the music!!