Thing to do: The night of the books 2014

Today, April 23rd Madrid is celebrating the IX edition of the night of the books, more than 600 activities are scheduled for today in Madrid, the best way to celebrate the International Book´s day. 530 writers, 200 book shops , 213 libraries and the main cultural centers in 58 cities and Madrid´s towns.

Some of the main events you should´t miss today are:

  • Real Casa de Correos – Centro Centro building at Cibeles shall host two activities with 2 great writers: Salman Rushdie and Jean-Christophe Rufin
  • Big Post it Mural at Sol: from Monday 21st everybody was welcome to participate in this mural made by post it representing the portrait of a very popular writer, do you kmow who is he?
  • Callao Plaza: between 11 till 22h, 21 bookshops shall offer special titles and prices, also 20 writters from Madrid as Manuel Vilas, Javier Sagarna, Juan Carlos Márquez, Bruno Galindo, Ana Campoy, Javier Fonseca and Rubén Abella shall be participating in the initiative: “te duele aquí? te receto un libro” – as if they were doctors prescripting books to make you feel better.
  • Book Shops: meeting point with authors as: Julio Llamazares, Luis García Montero, Eduardo Mendicutti, Javier Marías, Berna González Harbour, Andrés Barba, Emilio Lledó, Ángel Gabilondo, Jesús Marchamalo, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Sebastián Álvaro, Fernando Cámara, Lola Beccaria, Marta Robles or Mauro Entrialgo.
  • Libraries: story telling events for kids, poetry, workshops and exhibits are some of the activities that shall be host by the public libraries.

This year the slogan is: “Can you give a book as a present? yes I can”, take advantage of the 10% discount you shall find everywhere and get books for you or to give as a present!! :)


All the details of the events can be checked here


Thing to do: Closing Easter time – Drumming exhibition

Every year, at Plaza Mayor one of the closing events for the Easter time is the drumming Exhibition (tamborrada).

Don´t miss this opportunity of feel the sound of tones of drums!! Drums are able to transmit the vibrations and the feelings of listening to them is a unique experience.


For more details check the Easter website

Free entrance.



Thing to do: Celebrate Lhardy´s 125 anniversary!!

Lhardy is one of the first and oldest restaurants in Madrid, and these days is celebrating its 125th anniversary!!

It was opened in 1839 by Emilio Huguenin Lhardy and it was said to have introduced French haute cuisine to Madrid. It is one of those places that still keeps the atmosphere of other times!


This restaurant was very popular in the XIX century and the XX one, and a lot of famous people spent time in the place:

  • When the Queen Isabel II was 17 years old, in 1847, she visit this place without telling she was the Queen
  • Federico Madrazo painted Emilio Lhardy in 1867
  • The King Alfonso XII used the restaurant to meet Sesto Duch
  • In 1896, in  Zarzuela Theater, one of the representations spoke about the place
  • in Lhardy´s japanese salon was founded the “Cofradía de la buena mesa” in 1972
  • In 1916,  Mata-Hari was capture and declared spy in the Palace Hotel after having lunch at Lhardy.
  • Manuel Rodríguez “Manolete”, the bull fighter had an amazing dinner at Lhardys in 1944.
  • And so many others…

Don´t miss the opportunity of visit the place, they keep a lot of old things that shall make you travel to other times, and… the food is amazing!!

If you want to know more details visit their website:

It is a little bit pricy but join them in the celebrations and enjoy its 125 anniversary menu!!



Thing to do: Instagramer Gallery

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for pictures. Due to this thing to do is about Instragram don´t hesitate to check ours!! 365ThingsMadrid :)

Instagramers Gallery Madrid starts with 500 images selected between 27 users (photographers) from 18 countries: 200 are Madrid´s corners captured by Instagram users and other 66 are the awards ones in the Instagramers Photo Prize.


Pictures. Photography. New art = Instagram? what do you think about it? are the new social networks opening new channels for art open world wide thanks to Internet??

To answer to this question or have new thoughts don´t miss this great initiative.

Don´t miss also the online exhibite with more than 12.000 users and 11.000 followers:

Free entrance



Thing to do: Welcome to Palace!

Madrid is having a great initiative: show palaces for free to public.

Tones of people have been interested really soon and nowadays any reservation is available, but make sure you follow carefully the website: because new opportunities to participate and visit the Palaces shall appear soon.

The guided tours are free and Madrid wants to make closer these incredible buildings and their history to the public:

  • April was dedicated to Marqués de Fontalba Palaces, now it is the Fiscalía General del Estado.
  • May – Palacete de don Guillermo de Osma. It is the current Valencia don Juan Institute.
  • June – Fernán Núñez Palace. It is hosting the current Spanish Ferrocarril Foundation.
  • July – Casa-palacio de don Manuel González-Longoria. Nowadays it is the Colegio Notarial de Madrid.
  • August – Godoy Palace the current use is to hold the Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales.
  • September - Bauer Palace the current Superior Singing School.

The visits are in small groups (25 people) and the guides are Patrimonio employees.


Check their website often to catch the new tours as soon as they are published!!!


Thing to do: Easter time

During Easter time, Madrid is having a complete activities program: cultural topics, concerts, activities for kids and religious events shall be spread in several locations until April 20th.

semana santa

Check the official website to find all of them and explore the different options:

For those that are visiting Madrid / Spain for the very first time, the Easter celebrations are very traditional and the religious events are probably very different to other parts of the world, feel free to join and see how it look like (even if you are not a very religious person, Easter in Madrid can be interesting).

Next week, we´ll try to suggest things to do out of this program, in order to give you more ideas to enjoy Madrid during Easter!!


Thing to do: Torrijas time :)

Torrijas time is here!!!

This sweet, torrija, is originated in Andalucian convents during the XV century as a way to use up stale bread. Today it is a popular sweet during Easter all over Spain. The British call it bread pudding, while Americans would probably call it “French Toast” although torrijas…. is maybe a little bit different: cinnamon, wine or honey can be added to get a different flavor!!

You can find torrijas these days, every where, at bakeries and cafeterias, try them and if you want to try to make them at home, here you have the recipe :)

You need bread (they sell these days a special bread to make torrijas, try to find it), lemon, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of sugar, cinnamon sticks, 1 1/2 cups of milk , olive oil and also if you want honey or wine to be added to the milk.



  1. Cut the bread into slices, 3/4 of an inch thick. The bread has to be thick to soak up all the milk!
  2. Peel the rind of a lemon, pour the milk, sugar, lemon rind and cinnamon sticks (if you like it) into a pot and bring it to boil. Once it becomes to boil, lower the flame and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Let it cool for 5 minutes and, pour it onto the bread in a big dish or something similar where you can have the milk and the bread together. Turn the bread pieces over in the milk so that they soak up on both sides.
  4. Beat 2 eggs, then take each piece of bread and dip both sides into the egg. Place them in another dish to wait to fry.
  5. Heat some olive oil over a high flame as soon as it begins to smoke a little bit, lower the flame to medium and begin to fry torrijas!! when you see the bottoms begin to brown, turn them over.
  6. Last! take the torrijas to a nice plate an put on top some sugar. Honey can also be added.

Tell us how it was, and post your torrijas pictures on twitter!! @365ThingsMadrid

If you just want to try them… some of the best places in Madrid, or at least very popular and traditional ones are:

  • PASTELERÍA NUNOS  – Narváez, 63
  • LA MALLORQUINA  – Mayor, 2
  • PASTELERÍA VAIT – Félix Boix, 9
  • CASA MIRA – Carrera de San Jerónimo, 30

Other thing to do until the end of month it is to try the first Torrija´s route :) If you are a really great fan… don’t´hesitate to eat as much as you can!! :) exercise later also as much as you can because this sweet shall put some calories on you :) all the places that participate in this route can be find here.



Thing to do: Kiss, kiss, kiss

Although looks like there are several dates all over the world to celebrate the kiss day (kiss day, stolen kiss day…), today, is the anniversary of the longest kiss ever: 46 hours 24 minutes and 9 seconds!!!

And in order to commemorate this record, today in Madrid we celebrate the International Kiss Day!!!July 6th is another of the dates regarding kiss celebration :) so, you have double opportunities to celebrate this day!!


Our thing to do for today is pretty awesome: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss the people you love and enjoy this Sunday!!

Thing to do: ReFringe Madrid 2014

Robert Kemp in 1947 used the concept Fringe to name the no selected artists in the Edinburgh Festival as soon as they started to create a parallel festival that nowadays is part of the main one.

Madrid, a couple of years ago in the Veranos de la Villa festival (summer festival), started to create a festival with alternative representations about theater, dance, poetry, music, and kid shows.



Teatro Español is having a retrospective initiative about this Fringe movement. and the Scenic Art Festival more aggressive and alternative shall be offering 5 shows of high quality these days:

  • Dance and video performance: Partitura inestable
  • Theater  “Symon Pédícrí
  • Theater  “The Sirens
  • Audio visual interactive show – APNEA
  • Theater   “Punto Muerto

Find more details at Teatro Español website

Tickets between 6 to 12 euros. Abono Madrid ReFringe: 36 euros.



Thing to do: MotoMadrid 2014

MotoMadrid 2014 is hold in Madrid this weekend!

MotoMadrid puts at the service of companies and professionals linked with the motorbike sector a dynamic tool which generates new business opportunities. The Motorbike Show to be staged at the Glass Pavilion of Casa de Campo in Madrid has more than 20,000 square metres of exhibition surface area and around 10,000 exterior square meters dedicated to trial exhibitions and trial circuits.

The staging of MotoMadrid has been welcomed by aficionados and the media. The second edition of this show event was visited by more than 38,000 people.


Different spaces where you can find:

  • Motorbikes from all segments.
  • Spares and accessories.
  • Clubs and Associations.
  • Competittion equipment.
  • Leisure and sports’ activities.
  • Editorials and the Media.
  • Textile and Complements.
  • Training in driving techniques.
  • Outlet areas.
  • Insurance policies, Financial companies.
  • Merchandising and Vintage Market

General entrance 12-15 euros.