Thing to do: Weird places – Happy Halloweeeen!!!

Today, to celebrate Halloween our thing to do is to go through some of the most weird places in Madrid, enchanted places some of them with a terrifying past about banshees and wandering souls …

One of those places is the Linares Palace…. a haunted house in Madrid, the legend says that the Marquis of Linares got married with his illegitimate sister and from this marriage was born a baby girl. When the family knew about it and they realized about who was this lady, they killed the baby girl to avoid the scandal and they buried the body in the Palace. Several people say that you still can see and feel the soul of these three people in the Palace. This palace is places at Cibeles Plaza and it is the current Casa América.

Another great place for Halloween in Madrid is the house of the 7 Chimneys. It was built in the XVII century, it was the home of a happy couple, Elena and the Captain Zapata, he went to the was and died in Flandes. Elena died crazy of love but the servants always said that she was the secret love of the king Felipe II and that her death was not due to be sick of love. The king started an investigation but when they were supposed to start it they discovered that the body was not there. Several people said they were able to see a woman dressed in white walking in the house. Some time later, in the XIX century a body of a woman was discovered with several coins dated at Felipe II time. After this event other murders happen in this house still full of legend.

To keep walking into mysterious places in Madrid, don´t miss check the history of Cañete´s Palace at Calle Mayor 69. In 1654  its owner was killed after a meeting with a priest, the priest was judge as guilty and since then, both souls the Marques and the priest souls walked in the Palace until the real killer confessed.  He killed the Marques due to him was trying to seduce his wife.

There are tones of weird histories about Madrid… do you know any other place? Let us know in twitter! @365ThingsMadrid


If you prefer to spend the day at home waiting for trick or treat, you´ve better prepare the treats. In case you have time, here you have some ideas to prepare the candies for kids. It is in Spanish but it is easy to look at the picture.


Enjoy the day! Happy Halloween!



Thing to do: See and… Touch @MuseodelTraje

The Museo del Traje (Museum of Costume) is a museum with collections devoted to fashion and costumes. The museum has over 160,000 pieces and documents. The Museum is a young and modern institution (it was founded in 2004) that offers, within its permanent exhibition, a magnificent trip through the History of Fashion and Costume  from the most ancient times up to the present.

These year the museum has for the very first time one room dedicated to feel the costumes, something unique in a museum. This is a great advantage for people with vision issues that now can feel and imaging how were the clothes time ago. Everyone shall be able to see and touch the fabrics and have for example a better understanding about how light or heavy a dress was. This multisensorial room is available thanks to exactly copies of some of the costumes of the Museum and you shall be able to find XVIII century pieces and also Balenciaga or Adolfo Domínguez designs.


Another great part of the museum that you can´t miss is the TEXTILTECA, a place where you can find different fabrics and also a dress room  where you can feel how a miriñaque or chapines (shoes with 4 toes that the women used in the XVI century) fit you!

Check the current exhibits, it is always a pleasure a visit to this museum!! More info at:

>> Where: Museo del Traje – Avenida de Juan de Herrera, 2 – Metro Moncloa (L3, L6),
>> When:  Tuesday-Saturday 9:30-19:00h – Sundays and Holidays: 10:00-15:00h
Entrance: 3€


Thing to do: Adriá – @EspacioFTef

Ferran Adriá is one of our most popular and greatest chefs. He was the head chef of elBulli restaurant and is considered one of the best chefs in the world.

Great personality and continuous innovation are two of the main adjectives we can use to define Adriá cousine. His expertise and way of doing things have been translated into companies and in the last years it is easy to find Adriá in business speeches.


Fundación Telefonica starts today an amazing exhibit about Adrià and the creative process. He answer in this meeting what is creativity and  how he and his team worked in a creative environment as the Bulli. It is not an exhibit about cousine, it is an exhibit about creating.

Very interesting topic to think about… are you able to write down the formula for the creativity? :)

Find all the information at the official website

>> When: until March 2015

>> Where: Fundacion Telefónica – Fuencarral 3


Thing to do: Cinema Fiesta 2014

It is back again!! :) This is your week to go to the cinema and take advantage of great price!

Until Wednesday enjoy the Cinema Fiesta, take advantage of the amazing discount!! 2,95 euros each session!


To participate, register at, print the coupon and use it to get the ticket at that amazing price! as easy as this!

Enjoy Madrid,  enjoy the film with your company and the pop corns!!

>> Where: Madrid Cinemas

>> When: Until Wednesday


Thing to do: Givenchy exhibit @museothyssen

Nowadays, Givenchy is a symbol of luxury: clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. The house of Givenchy was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy, He was the first high fashion designer to create a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line, called “Givenchy Université”, which was produced in Paris using machinery imported from the United States and many famous models such as Suzy Parker, Ivy Nicholson, and Dorian Leigh became muses of the house.


Fashion lovers can´t miss the exhibit at museo Thyssen, it is the first major retrospective to be devoted to Hubert de Givenchy and the Museum’s first incursion into the world of fashion, and present a selection of the finest creations by the French fashion designer.

Unique focus on his collections over the past half century, from the founding of Maison Givenchy in Paris in 1952 to his retirement in 1996.

Don´t miss also some of the 20th century’s most iconic personalities models, including Jacqueline Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor, Caroline of Monaco and his muse and friend Audrey Hepburn (whom he dressed for films such as Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s); examples of Givenchy’s most original creations such as the “Bettina blouse” and the “sack dress”; and his admired prêt-à-porter designs, a concept he invented in 1954.

Get all details about the exhibit at the museum website.



Thing to do: Transhumance Parade

Transhumance is the seasonal movement of people with their livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures. For those that has never seen a sheep… don´t miss today the Transhumance Parade across Madrid streets!


Madrid commemorates with this event the right of using it old paths and reminds us this eldest tradition. Get shock with tones of sheeps walking at Puerta de Alcalá!! :D The goal of the day is to help preserve the ancient routes and pass on a tradition to the younger generations.

Since at least the year 1273, the country’s shepherds have had the legal right to use about 78,000 miles of droving routes around the country to move livestock seasonally between summer pastures in the cool highlands and more protected lowland grazing areas in the winter.

Every year, a handful of shepherds defend that right in Spain’s capital city. Following an age-old tradition, they paid 25 maravedis — coins first minted in the 11th century — to city hall officials to use the crossing.

Don´t miss any of the points of the day:

  • 10.00 h.: Start at Casa de Campo – Puente del Rey, Avda. de la Virgen del Puerto, Parque de Atenas and Cuesta de la Vega to Calle Bailén.
  • 10.30 h.: Calle Mayor – Plaza de la Villa – Payment of the symbolic rate (maravedís)
  • 11.00 h.: Puerta del Sol – Alcalá.
  • 12.00 h.: Cibeles – Alcalá – Puerta del Sol.
  • 12.30 h.: Puerta del Sol – Calle Mayor – Bailén – Cuesta de La Vega – Virgen del Puerto p- Casa de Campo.
  • 13.00 h.:  Music and popular dance at La Almudena and Palacio de Oriente.

Perfect kids plan!


Thing to do: Tapas market 2014

Gorgeous scenario, Cibeles Palace, for a yummy event: Until October 26th don´t miss the Tapas market!

The amazing glass ceiling of the Cibeles Palace, shall be holding this gastronomy event for tapas lovers. Some of the best restaurant chefs have created a high quality tapa for this market as Joaquín Felipe (Aspen), Mario Sandoval (Columbus), Juan Pozuelo (La Vaca Nostra), Paco Roncero (Estado Puro), Sergio Fernández (Luca) or María Marte (Grupo Allard). Also don´t miss  8 winners of the tapas routes sponsored by Mahou.

Great prices, great food, great scenario, what else do you need? Tapas – 3 euros, beer 1 euro.


Excellent way to enjoy friends, food, and Madrid!