Thing to do: Swans song @fmapfre

Great day for some relaxing classic art today !!

At the Mapfre Foundation they are featuring an exhibition on the best French academic painting of the second half of XIX century.

Mapfre art
The great works of painters considered scholars in the nineteenth century at Parisian salons were the counterpart as reaction of impressionism and this trend that seem to lead directly to the avant-garde and art of the twentieth century. However, this type of classic painting took a place in art history while other artistic trends were more named.
The most important works of the academic tradition in Paris were acquired by the State, and state as funds at the Musée d’Orsay. Some of these works are featured at this exhibition.

Come and enjoy this relaxing and beautiful art exhibit!!

When: Till May 3d

Where: Paseo Recoletos 23

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Thing to do: After the almond blossoms !!

Longer days are here and warmer  weather is almost here!!

Spring… is coming!! you know that when you can see the flowers blossom of the almond trees!!

You should come and enjoy a walk by the Quinta de los Molinos park, please don’t miss this time of the year to visit it!!


If you already know about this place… this is the best time to enjoy this park, perfect place to relax, to watch the flowers blossom on the countless almond trees, go on a leisurely stroll, take your pet for a scenic walk, or go for a dreamy ride on bicycle.

Quinta de los Molinos is a 53 acre garden that can be found east of Madrid’s city centre,  next to the Suanzes metro station. In 1920, César Cort Botí, professor of Urban Planning at the School of Architecture came to acquire this property which had previously belonged to Count Torre Arias. It was César who built a Mediterranean style estate, surrounded by various kinds of trees including almond and olive, and a small palace designed in the Rationalist style.

La Quinta has fountains, pools, ponds and two power generated windmills used for water irrigation and from which the park inherits its name, the Casa del Reloj Windmill and the Rosaleda de Palacio Windmill. After Cort Botí passed away in 1978, his heirs reached an agreement with the City Council for it to be declared a space for public use, which it has been since 1982, and was declared a Historical Park in 1997.

Besides all the history of the state, the park is famous for this season visits. More than fifteen hundred almond trees flowering at the same time are a show that can’t be described…


Come and enjoy these days at the Quinta de los Molinos park!!


When: Everyday 6.30-10pm

Where: Quinta d elos molinos, Alcala 527

Thing to do: Sound Bonsais

Today we will suggest a different activity.

What about mixing the ancient Japanese tradition of bonsai gardening with live music?


Tomorrow at Matadero Madrid Masashi Hirao, bonsai specialist, and Fernando Epelde, musician, will have a joint sessionwhere the techniquesofcare and cultivationof bonsaiwill be addressedwhileEpeldeGalicianmusicis heard.

This session is organized by the Japan Embassy, and aims to present the art and culture of bonsai caring which involves the relationship between man and nature. The shaping bonsai trees has been considered as the maximum method of understanding the nature and a symbol of Japanese philosophy.

It will be a nice workshop, enjoy !!


When: March 12th

Where: Matadero Madrid

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Thing to do: Dufy exhibit @museothyssen

What about some art today?

You know, light, a exploding bunch of colors…life and beauty… you’ll find all this at the Thyssen museum. The Thyssen-Bornemisza museum holds a great exhibition on Raoul Dufy, this exhibition offers a comprehensive look on the entire career of this French artist through 93 works, mainly featuring oil paintings but also includes drawings and watercolours in addition to textiles and ceramics designed by Dufy.


The Museum offers a reassessment of his work that focuses not only on Dufy’s more hedonistic side as the painter of the pleasures of modern life, but also and primarily on his more introspective, reflexive and personal facet.

Cant miss the chance to look these art pieces and enjoy the exhibit !!

When: Till may 17th

Where: Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, Paseo del Prado 8

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Thing to do: Magic fest @circoprice

After all that art fair from last week, we need some magic to recover :-)


MAgic fest

March 5th –8th don´t miss the Close Magic Festival: Small groups of people (less than 100) enjoy a close magic show, it is always a pleasure to assist to this kind of show. Cards, micro-magic by Ines, Derek del Gaudio and Woody Aragon. Entrance 22 euros.

11th MarchApril 5th: Circo Price is holding the 5th Edition of the International Magic Festival! The best magician around the world meet at Madrid to astound all of us. The main event is the Magic Awards and for the very first time all kind of International magician shall share scenario to create a unique show. Jorge Blass, one of the best Spanish Magician between others shall make you experience the magic!! Entrance between 20-28 euros.

When: Till April 5th

Where: Circo Price, Roda de Atocha 35

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Thing to do: Winogrand’s photos @fmapfre

Ya’ll know we love photos !!

There are some images that bring you back to an old era, to another time and place. Not talking about ancient photos, some contemporary pictures have the power to illustrate what was the life like at the time they were taken, and even capture some of the soul and feelings of the photographer that shot them.

Garry Winogrand

This is what we found at the photo exhibit that the Mapfre foundation is featuring.

Gary Winogrand, american photographer, he passed away in 1984,leaving over 250.000 unseen pictures in undeveloped films.

He is the author of these master pieces that will take you back to the 20th century, to the US life along the journey that Winogrand had for his own life.

Don’t miss this beautiful exhibit !!!


When: Till May 3d

Where: Barbara de Braganza 13

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Thing to do: @FeriaFlecha 2015

What about some art today?

Again?? Yes, indeed this is the art month in Madrid, there have been too many art events around and we can’t miss them all.


So, today we will take you to FLECHA 2015, this a modern art fair that features innovative art pieces in a different stage, that occupies for some weeks the Arturo Soria Plaza mall. So the combination shopping, leisure, art results great !!

Different techniques and artists can be found there and it is really worth to have a look at these art works.

Come and enjoy !!

When: Till march 8th

Where: Arturo Soria 126

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