Thing to do: 95 anniversary! @metro_madrid

Metro de Madrid is celebrating these days its 95 anniversary!! one of most popular way to go from one corner of Madrid to other trying to about traffic jams!!

On October 17th 1919, the king Alfonso XIII inaugurate the first Metro line just with 8 stations between Cuatro Caminos and Sol, today we have more than 300 stations and tones of people use it daily.

Every time you use the Metro, don´t waste the opportunity of looking to the people you have around: in the morning people with the face of just wake up, elegant people, not elegant people, kids, young, old, medium age people, all nationalities, musician, artist,  poor and rich people… all of then share the time of a trip and tones of histories.

To celebrate this anniversary, Chamberi Metro station is holding a fantastic exhibit: “a Travel though time” and also they created a conmemorative Metro Map that has some pictures, the old metro tickets and the evolution of the metro trains.


Free entrance to the exhibit.

>> where: Chamberí metro station

>> when: Until November 9th – Fridays from 11 to 13h and from 17 to 19h, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 14h




Thing to do: Street art – look at your feet :D

Before crossing the street… look at your feet! :D

This can change the way you feel… more than once for sure you shall smile! Madrid is having these days a great phenomenon in its pedestrian crossings: street art at your feet, several verses, poems, lyrics or great sentences that can make your day!

Before crossing look at both sides  (of course) but also look down and take a picture, we shall love to see what sentence you discover! every day, new ones appears in the city, have you realized about it?


Some of them are:

  • At Farmacia street: Lo mejor no ha pasado ni está por venir, está pasando – The best has not happen neither nor coming, it is happening.
  • At Alamo street with Reyes: Mi más sentido bésame – my most warmest kiss me
  • At Mejía Lequerica street: Fuimos a hacer el amor y parece que vinimos de la guerra – We went to make love and look like we come from war
  • Me sentí astronauta perdido en tus lunares – I felt as an astronaut lost at your moles
  • La silueta del pecado diseñada para mi – The sins silhouette designed for me
  • Duerme menos y sueña más – Sleep less and dream more
  • Estás en mis lista de sueños cumplidos – you are in my list of dreams come true

Boamistura is behind this initiative… what do you think? do you like it?

Enjoy your steps!

Thing to do: Francisco Ibañez Exhibit at @cbamadrid

Mortadelo and Filemón, Pepe Gotera and Otilio, El Botones Sacarino or Rue del Percebe are creations of the same great ilustrator: Francisco Ibáñez, one of the most illustrator and writer of the most popular comics in Spanish.


Don´t miss the exhibit that starts today at CBA about the biography of the illustrator and the development of his principle characters and works. You can see together over a hundred magazines published from the 1950s to the present as well as a collection of articles on merchandising and a series of original drawings.

Great way to go through Spanish comic history! Great ways also to share with your kids part of the past!

General entrance 3€



Thing to do: Tapapies 2014

Lavapiés district is celebrating again the Multicultural tapa´s route, ten days to enjoy tapas. Several flavors in just one district: a multicultural food festival where people have the chance to indulge in various types of tapas, it’s no wonder Lavapies has become one of the most attractive tapas spots in Madrid. The barrio’s cosmopolitan character with Arabic, African and gypsy influences is genuinely reflected in its dining scene, offering visitors an incredibly diverse culinary experience.


It takes place each October and offers participants the opportunity to try an amazing range of cheap tapas (1 Euro) including Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Italian and more, at almost 60 restaurants and bars shall prepare a tapa special for that day (1 euro tapa or 2 euros tapa + caña).

Enjoy trying as many tapas as you want and vote for the best one to win several gifts in this 4th edition!

They also shall have concerts and performances on weekends.

Check out all the details follow them on

When: till October 26th

Where: Lavapies district


Thing to do: Bourio exhibit

Juan María Martínez de Bourio was the founder of the dance school God´s love and director of the national ballet company of Spain, the most popular dancers have been in this school as Antonio Gades, Víctor Ullate, Antonio Canales, Joaquín Cortés, Sara Baras or María Pag. His academy was one of the first ones in Spain to provide classes for dance and cante.

For those that love the dance and want to know more about the spanish Dance tradition (Ballet and Flamenco), don´t hesitate to have a look to this exhibit that is a travel though Bourio life and profesional carrer, a jewel in the Spanish Dance culture.


This exhibit has 35 documents (letters, contracts, drawings, programes), 12 shows advertisers, 140 pictures of different artists as María Callas, Antonio El Bailarín, Carmen Amaya, Paco de Lucía, Lola Flores or Concha Piquer. And amazing suit designed by Pablo Picasso, used in a festival in 1965 and several dancer´s dressers as the flamenco dress of Trini España.

Several videos shall drive you to his time and life and to the classes.

Free entrance.

>> Where: Sala El Águila – C/ Ramírez de Prado, 3

>> When: until December 8th




Thing to do: @PerrotonMadrid

Special Sunday,  very special run, join Perrotón today: you, your doggy, Madrid and tones of friends with their pets!!


This is not a run to improve your time… it is a run for fun,  go for a walk and enjoy the company of your pet, this is what Perroton is about. 3 kilometer for fun!

As previous editions, this third edition has a charity purpose to support the responsible adoption. More has 3,500 pets and its owners joined in previous edition.

Meeting point to start the run at Plaza de Colón at 10h, and finish at Paseo de Coches at Retiro Park



Thing to do: Malasaña Market – @somosmalasana

This weekend don´t miss the first edition of Malasaña Market!!

Another great initiative of Malasaña district! Malasaña Market it is a new pop up Market, 100% engaged to Malasaña and its spirit! Vintage design, recycling, art, small handmade productions, and a little bit of gastronomy!


Each time you get something at Malasaña Market, no matter the price, you shall get a free beer! :D another great reason to go by and buy!

Music, food trucks and tones of surprises at this market.

Another great reason to go is to know more about the new Market at Madrid: Mercado de Barceló!! Gorgeous place!! Tones of butterflies shall welcome you!


Enjoy #Ñmarket!