Thing to do: Magic fest @circoprice

After all that art fair from last week, we need some magic to recover :-)


MAgic fest

March 5th -8th don´t miss the Close Magic Festival: Small groups of people (less than 100) enjoy a close magic show, it is always a pleasure to assist to this kind of show. Cards, micro-magic by Ines, Derek del Gaudio and Woody Aragon. Entrance 22 euros.

11th MarchApril 5th: Circo Price is holding the 5th Edition of the International Magic Festival! The best magician around the world meet at Madrid to astound all of us. The main event is the Magic Awards and for the very first time all kind of International magician shall share scenario to create a unique show. Jorge Blass, one of the best Spanish Magician between others shall make you experience the magic!! Entrance between 20-28 euros.

When: Till April 5th

Where: Circo Price, Roda de Atocha 35

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Thing to do: Winogrand’s photos @fmapfre

Ya’ll know we love photos !!

There are some images that bring you back to an old era, to another time and place. Not talking about ancient photos, some contemporary pictures have the power to illustrate what was the life like at the time they were taken, and even capture some of the soul and feelings of the photographer that shot them.

Garry Winogrand

This is what we found at the photo exhibit that the Mapfre foundation is featuring.

Gary Winogrand, american photographer, he passed away in 1984,leaving over 250.000 unseen pictures in undeveloped films.

He is the author of these master pieces that will take you back to the 20th century, to the US life along the journey that Winogrand had for his own life.

Don’t miss this beautiful exhibit !!!


When: Till May 3d

Where: Barbara de Braganza 13

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Thing to do: @FeriaFlecha 2015

What about some art today?

Again?? Yes, indeed this is the art month in Madrid, there have been too many art events around and we can’t miss them all.


So, today we will take you to FLECHA 2015, this a modern art fair that features innovative art pieces in a different stage, that occupies for some weeks the Arturo Soria Plaza mall. So the combination shopping, leisure, art results great !!

Different techniques and artists can be found there and it is really worth to have a look at these art works.

Come and enjoy !!

When: Till march 8th

Where: Arturo Soria 126

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Thing to do: Walk by @mataderomadrid

Today we will take you for a walk by the Matadero, the old slaughter house of Madrid.

This buildings complex were recovered for cultural purposes in the Madrid Rio remodelling project, and it houses different artistic parades, performances and shows.

Nothingness matadero

Today we will recommend some of the different exhibits they are featuring:

Guerrilla Girls, a compilation of almost all the work done by the American feminist art collective on their 30th anniversary.

The Ibero American Biennial of Design (BID), the largest exhibition of Ibero American Design held every two years in Madrid. Diverse institutions, and professionals, take part in the exhibition that features both emerging and established professionals in the sector.

Our favourite exhibition today at the Matadero is the Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness. It takes you to a dark pool of water which reflects, like a mirror, the charred room and its visitors. People make their way down a wooden walkway surrounding this beautiful pool of still water. And there’s a way to spoil the calm, to break the silence and quietness of the water… dialling up the phone number +34657529016. Each call produces a ripple on the water’s surface. An unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness?

Come and visit Matadero, tell us what exhibition is your favourite



When: Till May 17th

Where: Plaza de Legazpi, 8

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Thing to do: @FeriaArcoMadrid

This weekend ART fair is in Madrid.

ARCO takes Madrid every February for a few days with several events, forums, special exhibitions and other activities. It is one of the greatest art fair and every year more than 150,000 visitors attend ARCO which exhibit over 3,000 artists’ artworks. The first part was dedicated to professionals of the sector only and the last 3 days is general public oriented.


The different artistic multidisciplinary approaches (painting, sculpture, photography, art installations, design, digital, etc.) are always present in each exhibition, allowing you to come upon a wide range of galleries, sculptures, objects, cloths, multimedia creations and other variations.

ARCOmadrid is also offering the First Collector service by Fundación Santander to those interested in receiving advice on art purchases during the fair. There will be special youngsters workshops at ARCOkids which are meant to bring children closer to the world of contemporary art. Furthermore, the virtual platform will offer an opportunity to explore the fair and the exhibited works via its website and the free Artsy app.

There will also be a VIP Hall, a space created by ZARA HOME and the official sponsors offering their products. There will also be the Espacio Comer, where enjoying a varied culinary offer.

Enjoy the fair !!

When: From 25 February to 1 March 2015

Where: Halls 7 and 9 at Feria de Madrid, IFEMA

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Thing to do: Where the light takes me @condeduquemad

Lets take a photo exhibit today!!

At Conde Duque civic centre there is a photo exhibit named Looks of Asturias, it is an initiative from the Masaveu Peterson foundation to promote diferent artistic initiatives related to Asturias (a northern spanish region).

Ouka Lele

This time the exhibition counts on Ouka Lele, she is a photographer, performer, painter, poet… over all, audiovisual artist.

She represents a magical world of inhabited places, playing with the light. A world full of questions, and fantasy, imagination and her artistic look.

The color, the dreamscapes and evocative scenes give a mysterious and intimate view of the region.
The exhibition features 50 works (most of them color photographs of large format) that combine with five black and white plus three audiovisual pieces.

Come and enjoy the gaze of the artist !!


When: February 18th to april 29th

Where: Conde Duque 11

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Thing to do: Teatralia

You know we enjoy theater !!

This is the time for the Theater festival of Madrid, Teatralia


This festival features different shows all over the city, bringing 19 theatre companies to town and almost a month of new plays. Teatralia is the International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Youngsters,… and adults too :)

The festival presents a top-notch program of works for the whole family, with room for theater, circus, puppets, music and dance.

Find your location and topic and enjoy the play !!!

When: March 6th – 29th

Where: Different venues

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