Thing to do: Blues in Summertime

Summer is also a perfect timing for blues, swing and jazz.


Just as a reminder, lets review some of the places that are having daily shows in Madrid this summer:

Today, don´t miss an Accusting Blues Jam session – Pedro Sánchez (guitar and voice) y Ricky Ávila (guitar) at Dakota Custom Bar, at 13h or the show of  Sean Carney & Tonky Blues Band  at MOE, at 22:30 h.

Enjoy music!!

Thing to do: Gin tonic fest

Gin&Tonic is during the last years a cool drink. For sure you have your favorite Gin to enjoy at home or outside with friends.

Mid July in Madrid means Gin Tonic celebration, don´t miss until the end of month the ‘Gin Tonic Fest’, 13 bars and terraces particiates in Madrid trying to promote even more this cocktail with new techniques and trends. Don´t miss their workshops and special events.


Some of the participants are: Adam & Van Eekelen, Bar Cock (very popular place), Copa Club, En Copa de Balón,  Harvey’s Cocktail Bar, La Casa del Pez, The Passenger, Viva Madrid, La Villana Bar Gin & Cocktail Room, La Ruleta 1983 and Los Galayos.

During these day they shall be offering special prices for Gin&Tonic cocktails.

Today also you can have a workshop at the 6th Avenue shopping Center with tasting, music and demonstrations! Free entrance (over 18)

Find all the details about this festival at the website



Thing to do: Summer free tours – Sorolla Museum

Summer time in Madrid has some advantages, like enjoy the free tours that Sorolla Museum is having on Thursday.


Join them every Thursday during July at 20h or at 21:30h, a great opportunity to know more about Sorolla and also to discover the amazing garden at the museum.

Find all the details about this amazing museum in one of our old posts :)


Thing to do: The tour of the BIG (basket) ball

We know… just with the title of this thing to do looks like weird… but for sure, some of you already know what is the topic about.

Basketball fans, and lovers of big things… congratulations, this week we have in Madrid a big BIG Molten ball. The 6 cities that host the Basket World Cup 2014: Madrid, Sevilla, Bilbao, Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Granada, shall have this big ball in the most popular spaces, similar to the one that the player shall be using in each game from August 30th on.


You can also meet these days, Olé and Hop, the two mascots of the event!!

Take as many pictures as you want with the BIG ball because you can win some merchandising and tickets to see the games.

The Basket World Cup 2014 is a big thing (look how big is the ball), so also if you have the opportunity try to assist to any of the games that we shall host in these cities.

From 12 to 20h don´t miss the tour of the ball in Madrid at these locations:

  • Wednesday 23rd: Paseo del Prado
  • Thursday 24th: Palacio de Aranjuez
  • Friday 25th: Monasterio El Escorial
  • Saturday 26th: Puerta de Madrid (Alcalá de Henares)

Can´t wait to take our pic!!! :)

Find all the information about this initiative and the World Cup at the official website



Thing to do: Manzana Mahou 330 Space

During the XVIII Century Madrid was spit in blocks (Manzanas) and the Palace of the Hortaleza street, 87 was the number 330.

Don´t miss at that location the new leisure space, where culture and gastronomy are together, activities for all ages at Manzana Mahou 33o at the amazing Santa Barbara Palace.


Every day activities form 11 to 00h at Malasaña district. You also have the best offer of food at their organic market and very unique shops 100% hand made. Restaurants, a great terrace, street art and music complete the offer, what else do you need!?

Find all the details at:



Thing to do: Henri Cartier-Bresson Exhibit

Mapfre Art is hosting a great exhibit about the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, known as the “eye of the century” for his role as a key witness to 20th-century history.
For the first time, it reveals all the richness and complexity of his work and the varied nature of his career as a photographer, from his use of the Surrealist aesthetic to photo-reportage and his intimate, late style. As a result, its analysis of the artist’s work goes beyond the concept of the “decisive moment” that brought him fame.
Don´t miss any of the 3 sections of the exhibit:
  1. Period between 1926 and 1935, defined by Cartier-Bresson’s relationship with Surrealism, his early work and his extensive travels around the world.
  2. His political commitment from the time he came back from the USA in 1936 to his return to New York in 1946.
  3. The founding of the Magnum Photos agency in 1947 and continues to the early 1970s when Cartier-Bresson ceased to produce photo-reportages.


Free entrance, make your reservation in advance – All the information at the official website


Thing to do: Naval water battle at Vallecas

Vallecas is celebrating their district party these days. The celebrations made by and for the district are know as La Karmela and during 4 days Vallecas has been hosting concerts, puppets shows, food tasting, games and all kind of activities.


Don´t miss today at 5pm the special naval water battle, very popular in Madrid where kids and adults enjoy throwing water at each other, don´t forget anything helpful to play this war!! :)

Other actitivities scheduled for today are:

  • 12.30 h: “Rondacañas”  at the fair space
  • 14.30 h: Popular lunch
  • 17.00 h: “Batalla Naval”- Naval battle
  • 19.30 h: Parade from Payaso Fofó street to the fair space
  • 21.00 h: Concerts: Rojo Cancionero, Manuel Gerena and the guitar player Ignacio González

Find all the details at their website


Enjoy! and get wet!!